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Welcome to Speak Hokkien Well Lesson 2025! 

It Is good to articulate in using your mother tongue.
Here are 10 related words that comes handy.

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1. Tuah Tay Tang 大地震 - Big Earthquake

2. Sor Kiu Tui 搜救队 - Search And Rescue Team

3. Siong Sim Eh Cheng Heng 令人心碎的情况 - Heartbreaking Situation

4. Oah Miah Eh Sin Hoh  被困人类的迹象 - Indications Of Trapped Humans

5. Tuah Lao 大型建筑物 - Large Buildings

6. Tang Toh Sai Ieoh 摇晃和摆动 - Shaking and Swinging

7. Khoh Phah 可怕的 - Frightening

8. Cheng Su Eng Hioh Tioh 情绪受到影响 - Emotionally Affected

9. Beng Chiong  公众 The Public

10. Peng Ann Boh Tai Chi 安全无害 Safe Without Harm

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Please follow this video lesson with the script above:

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