12 Ways To Show That You Care
                                                           Life Has Its Ups and Downs
                                            Some Words To Describe Our Positive Qualities

There's a way of playing safe, there's a way of using tricks and there's the way I like to play which is dangerously where you're going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven't created before.
Dave Brubeck

“You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.” 
Barbara De Angelis

“The death rate for people who play it safe and for those who live boldly is the same.” 
Patti Digh

Lesson 2004
Hi, today's lesson consists of the 
following expressions:-

01. Lien chiu tui hu - combine to attack

02. Tai liam kam cheng - consider relationship

03. Si kao si tham thng - Handle it when it comes

04. Pang chit tiao seh lor - A way out

05. Su hui hun beng - know right and wrong

06. Thi kong tay toh - divinely proper 

07. Bong tiah, bong tiah - Hopefully it works

08. Khin siah seh seh - Speak softly

09. Hoh hoh siong chu - Peaceful relationship

10. Siu Tong Buey Ki - undeserving of praise

Please follow this video lesson together with the script above:


Anonymous said...

luv ur lessen.

al6622 said...

ai li chit khoh

mct212 said...

Lson easy 2 learn.Thx