Today's lesson consists of the following expressions:

1. Chun Kuey Chui Boh Hun - Deeds Unrecognised

2. Chiah Tioh Khee - Bad Experience As A Lesson

3. Seng Put Tai Lai, Si Put Tai Khi - 
At Birth And At Death We Carry Nothing With Us.

4. Sim Pai Beng Kiat - Total Defeat

5. Thoh Kiu Peng - Seek Help

6. Ku Chioh Pi Boh Buey - The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

7. Thah Suah Thun Hai - Fruitless Effort

8. Chao Tao Boh Lor - No Way Out

9. Lai Boh Thong Ti, Khi Boh Siah Say - Secretive

10. Khuah Phuah Khah Chiu - Deed Exposed

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Today's lesson consists of the following expressions:

1. Chu Kim Chiu Chuan Eh Kuey
(Good Cash Flow)

2.Lai Boh Thong Ti
Ki Boh Siah Say

3. Chuan Sin Eh Kiam Chah
(Full Body Inspection)

4. Khin Sang Kuey Kuan
(Pass Test With Ease)

5. Choh Liao Kuan Si Kuan Si
(Familiar With Task)

6. Chap Siah Eh Pah Arg 
( Full Confidence)

7.Chioh Tao Chioh Bin 
( In Good Spirits)

8. Siong Kin Eh Sok Tor 
( In Fastest Way)

9. Huat Tien Eh Kong Kan
( Space For Expansion)

10. Hoh Teik Chut Hoh Soon
( Good Upbringing)

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