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Some Words To Describe Our Positive Qualities

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1. TOH TEIK EH PHIAO CHUN - Moral Standards

2. CHIAH KAH CHIT LAY HUEY SOR - Live Until This Age

3. KAH TI BU CHUT LAI - Problem Caused By Ownself

4. SIM KHUAH LIAH THAN HUAI - Firmly Resolved

5. THAY LI SUI BUEY - Bear Another Person's Misdeeds

6. BOH KIAN KHONG EH CHUI CHUN - Unhealthy Standards

7. SIONG KUAN EH KENG KAI - Highest Level

8. CHU WA SAY HAN - Since Young

9. PUT THAN BOH HUAN SENG - Not Aware Of Need To Repent

10. KONG CHIT KUAH OO EH BOH EH - Talk Rubbish

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