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Cambodian Hokkien (Chinese柬埔寨福建人) commonly known as Khmer Hokkien(Khmerខែ្មរ ចិនហុកគៀន) are the descendants ofHokkien Chinese who settled in Cambodia since the earlier part of 12th century. It links specifically to the Chinese populations ofHokkien ancestry for all of Cambodia and other neighbouring regions due to the immigration such as ThailandVietnam andAmerica who have retain partially to the whole local customs to be consume into their official individual family's culture or with local community. The result of native culture emerge in domestic costume, initiative has only adopted by The Hokkien ethnic; paralleling to Peranakan in terms of culture and identity of who is Chinese or mixed descent who do not speak Chinese yet remain ethnically and culturally Chinese.[1]

This lesson provides expressions happy and sad in life.
Here are some useful ones.
Follow the long expressions and enjoy this video lesson below.