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Taiwan, Taiwanese(Hokkien) and Endangered Languages
Another language perspective, also very active at SOAS, is language endangerment and language survival. It is believed that about half of the world’s 6000 languages are not likely to survive another 100 years due to globalisation, and social, economic, technological and political changes. It is already visibly happening fast enough around us.
Few people would go as far as to say that the Taiwanese language is endangered – at least for now. It is still being learnt as a first language by many children, and is spoken in other communities and diasporas in south-east Asia. But it is surely not totally safe. Living here at home, you may feel comfortable – Taiwanese is always available (even increasingly available) on TV, and perhaps when you call your older relatives. But living away, as I have done most of my life, I become more aware of a decline every time I come back to Taiwan; I see that children of my Taipei friends have little competence in the language, and are embarrassed to speak what they know, that parts of the language are disappearing, such as those that relate to passing farming practices, and that the local dialects of Taiwanese, if not already declining, will be threatened by efforts to strengthen the language nationally.
Language endangerment is relevant to Taiwan in several ways. Firstly, it is worth remembering that even languages with very large populations can decline – for example, Irish Gaelic declined as a result of British colonialism and then collapsed when the great potato famine of the mid 19th century killed a large number of the remaining speakers. Similar patterns are occurring today in various parts of the world. In Taiwan, although there are important advances in the recognition and use of Taiwanese, there is still the possibility of political or economic pressure, or of “bottom up” language decline, as ordinary people speak it less and less every day in the home.
David Nathan Professor Der-Hwa Victoria Rau, Providence University, Taiwan

Hokkien - Words That You Can't Do Without
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