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Hokkien opera was born in Taiwan in the late 17th century, flourished in Fujian province of Mainland China, and spread to the same dialect-speaking community in Southeast Asia (e.g., Singapore, Malaysia). As an example of experiential products, the Hokkien Opera has been the most important form of entertainment in Chinese early agricultural community and recent modern society. The leading characters of the Hokkien Opera vividly portray both comical and special events from everyday life. As each character brings a particular emotional and cognitive point-of-view to bear during his or her interactions with story events, multiple window of experience” are open to the viewer. Describing the interaction between the celebrity and the fan, one of thetraditions for Taiwanese folk opera is after the performance, some audiences or fans would go backstage to meet the artistes or give them money for their performance to befriend them. The audiences’ money made up the bulk of the artistes’ income. It’s common to see some artistes even became sworn siblings with members of the audience. The fans, range from their twenties to fifties, mostly regular working women, often brought their idols out for trips or bought them gold chains, cash-stuffed envelopes or precious gifts. Once the celebrity and fans get together, it’s the chance for the fans to catch their idols in the flesh. The activity for fans include giving feedback to the celebrity about the news or the roles being played, being the star-struck teenyboppers,
showing off their scrap books, photo albums, requesting for celebrity’s
autograph/photos, and swapping DVDs or VCDs among fan friends

Entertainment Celebrities and Audiences: The Dynamic Process of
Hedonic and Sensational Experiences
Angela Chang
Assistant Professor, Communication Dept., University of Macau
Taipa, Macau, China SAR

Hokkien - How Can I Say ....?
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