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The study on language attitudes shows that the younger generation of Hokkien speakers has positive attitudes towards both Hokkien and Mandarin. The Hokkien speakers in their midtwenties have a strong Hokkien identity reflected in the pride they have in the Hokkien language and their liking for the use of Hokkien in their daily lives, particularly with family members and vendors at hawker stalls. In their perspective, Hokkien does not lose out to Mandarin in
instrumental value and social status although the female Hokkien speakers are inclined to view Mandarin more highly in these respects. This study shows that favourable attitudes towards Hokkien and Mandarin are sustained despite the wide usage of Mandarin in other settings of the transactional domain, shopping complexes in particular, and their social circle. The findings provide support for the additive view of bilingualism proposed by Baker (1992) and indicate that
the frequent use of Mandarin in the daily life may not necessarily subtract from their allegiance to Hokkien. However, as the present study is limited to Hokkien university students in their midtwenties who have not encountered the realities of making languages choices pertaining to work and children, further studies across age groups and social groups are needed to find out how attitudes to Hokkien and Mandarin vary in the face of growing competition from Mandarin as a language of wider communication in the Chinese community.

Young Hokkien speakers’ pride in their ethnic language and Mandarin
Dr Su-Hie TING
Yann-Yann PUAH

Hokkien Words That We Use Daily
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