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Speak Hokkien Series 1067

Every Chinese should know how
to speak Mandarin,” Guangzhou native
Kevin Kong, 29, told Time magazine.
But everyone has the right to speak
their native language. There shouldn’t be
any conflict between the two languages.
Just because you speak Mandarin doesn’t
mean you should give up your mother

His argument inspired me to pick
up my mother tongue. Problem is, which
is it?

My dad is Cantonese but he speaks
mainly Penang Hokkien, having been
brought up on the island. If pushed, my
mum would plump for “Baba Hokkien”
as her mother tongue.
Tabitha Wang encourages herself to
speak more dialects by singing Ai Piah Jia
Eh Iah (You’ve Got To Fight To Win).

Hokkien - Will You Give Up Your Mother Tongue?
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