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While most of these Chinese-Filipinos have Hokkien as their first language,
for some of the younger generations, English or Tagalog has become
the first language acquired, supplanting Hokkien, thus the inability
to converse in the Chinese dialect. However, what is distinct with
these younger ethnic Chinese is the inclusion of Hokkien words
and/or phrases when talking to their co-ethnics. These Chinese-
Filipinos tend to shift from Hokkien to Tagalog to English. It is
apparent that this code-switching is a conscious effort to maintain
an ethnic identity and a sense of belongingness to the ethnic Chinese
community, while being members of a larger Filipino community.

- Johanna O. Zulueta

Speak Hokkien Series 1064

1. softhearted - n'ng/nuī sīm

2. extremely frustrated, saddened - tuǐ sīm kuāh

3. merciful - tǎi chǔ tǎi pī

4. no choice - boh3/bu3 khoh1 nai3 hoh2 

5. disappointed - chìm sīm, chày sīm

6. repent - kāi kǒh chǔ sīn

7. sourfaced - bǐn ào bǐn tú/chǎo

8. grateful - kām oōn/kām kiěk

9. scared and tensed - kīn tiū/tiōw pǐ pǐ chuǎh

10. unable to have inner peace - pūt tēik ǎnn léng

11. mutual understanding - hǒr siǒng thāy liǒng

12. voice of the heart - sǐm siāh

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