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Speak Hokkien Series 1044

In life, people make statements even as we do that sets hearers thinking. As to whether people are prejudiced or said in sincerity, we need to to weigh them carefully. At times, such observations may set us thinking, regret and change for the better. Other times, it may even prove to be a point out of our problems. It is likewise the same with others as well.

1. Be reasonable - khah1 chah3 put4 toh1

2. No such thing - boh3 hit1 kuan4 eh3 tai3 chi3

3. Not sincere, not mean it - oo3 chui3 boh3 sim1

4. Advance by withdrawing first - ee1 thay3 ooi3 chin3

5. Unacceptable and disliked - khuah4 bay3 soon3 gan4

6. Not come to senses yet - chi1 bay2 put1 ngoh3

7. Ingratitude - bong1 oon1 puey3 gi3

8. Much endurance - lun1 khi3 thun3 siah1

9. Make people moved emotionally - su4 lang3 kam1 tong3

10. Not help when able - kien4 su3 put3 kiu3

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Speak Hokkien Series 1043

An idiom is defined as:
A manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language
The usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people
An expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up

Here is another Hokkien installment of idioms.

1. indecisive - sam3 sim1 liong1 ee3

2. impasse - say3 put1 liong3 lip1

3. can differentiate right and wrong - si3 hooi1 eh3 hiao1 hooi1

4. high handed crooked ways - put1 teik3 chiu1 tuah3

5. agreed - it1 gian2 ooi3 teng3

6. consummate a marriage - tong3 pang2 wah3 chiok1 iah3

7. can't go against heaven's will - tian3 ee2 put1 khoh1 ooi2

8.  marital future happiness - chiong3 sim1 tai3 su3

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