Hokkien - 12 Words To Build Your Your Spirituality

Hokkien - Words That Build Up Your Spirit
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Speak Hokkien Series 1042

We have a spiritual need, not matter what our beliefs and persuasions are. That vacuum has got to be filled. Some words below help us express that need.

1. hope - ng4 bang3, hi1 bang3

2. scriptures - keng1 boon2

3. comfort - ann1 ooi3

4. encourage - kor1 looi3

5. faith - sim4 sin1

6. belief (religion) - sin4 iong3

7. sacrifice - hi3 seng1

8. law - huat4 lut1

9. principles - guan3 chiek3

10. knowledge - ti4 siek3

11. wisdom - ti3 hooi1

12. righteousness - cheng4 gi3

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