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Speak Hokkien Series 1041

1. phah4 kao4 tioh3 khuah4 chu1 lang2 - look at whom you are offending.

2. ban3 leng2 boh2 chit1 si2; ban3 ban3 put1 leng2 - full power takes time but can lose it all.

3. chap1 eh3 lao3 lang2; kao1 lang2 ai4 kong4 tng3 guan3 chuey1 - old people loves relating the past.

4. hoh4 oo3 hoh1 poh3, og3 oo3 og4 poh4 - what you sow, you reap

5. hi2 huan4 hi2; heh2 huan4 heh2 - two different matters

6. chuah4 pao3 huey4 pao3 buey3 tiao2 -as vain as covering fire with paper

7. chin3 boh3 por3; thay4 boh3 lor3- no way out

8. seh1 put1 tai4 lai2; si4 put1 tai4 ki3 - brought nothing into the world at birth; at death neither can carry anything out.

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