Hokkien - How To Speak Hokkien With Rhymes - Section 4

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Speak Hokkien Series 1040

1. boh3 tai3 boh3 chi3 - without reason

2. hoh1 siah1 hoh1 lay4 - speak in a nice way

3. su3 su3 liam3 liam3 - miss someone

4. siu3 khang1 siu3 phang3 - find reasons

5. mng3 tang1 mng3 sai1 - ask all sorts of matters

6. chin3 chin1 chiah4 chiah3 - truly, honestly

7. su3 su2 hui3 hui1 - gossip, slander

8. bay3 chiak1 bay3 khun3 - lose sleep and appetite over  a matter

9. siah1 siah1 ku4 ku3 - keep on saying

10. tiong3 cheng2 tiong3 gi3 - treasure relationship and righteousness

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