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Idioms are a necessary part of Hokkien. It enriches and give variety to the language. In everyday coversations,  use of idioms are on the decline. As such, many do not pick up and use idioms from their parents. My blog here provided the first set of idioms  and have since attracted the most attention.

Hokkien - What Do These Idioms Mean?

Clearly, we are attracted to Hokkien idioms. Here, I have complied the second set of idioms. Please learn them and use them. You may be an object of admiration if you use it appropriately.

1. lao1 kao2 mah3 eh2 phuah3 tay4 chiu3 kah1 - even the capable can one day make mistakes

2. sar1 niu4 eh3 miah3 bay3 chiah3 pay4 niu4 eh3 bi4 - expect too much

3. phuah4 kin1 pay4 niu4 - incomplete, incapable

4,  sin2 put1 thi1, kooi4 put1 kak3 - no one will know

5. sar3 tng2 ng3 tay4 - any untoward happening

6. choh4 kah1 lao3 kuah3, iu3 koh1 lao3 nuah3- work extremely hard without reward

7. si3 kay3 ng3 boh2, phang4 kay3 sai4 chit1 tooi1 - produce nothing good except bad

8. chap1 kiah4 chap1 sim3 pu3, chun3 chit1 lay2 lao3 kuah1 hu3 - refusal to care for the elderly (unfilial) 

Please follow this video lesson with the script above:


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