Hokkien - 10 Rhyming Expressions You Feel Good - Section 3

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Speak Hokkien Series 1038

The beauty of Hokkien is seen in its rhyming expressions. When we use it, our communication becomes richer, more expressive and more interesting. People will connect with us better. They will find us more nicer to talk to. Our vocabulary becomes richer. We become someone more desirable for them to have around.

1. phit1 phit1 phok1 phok1 – sound of excited heartbeat

2. put1 tiong1 put1 hao3 – disloyal and unfilial

3. kong1 tang1 kong1 sai1 – undesirable speech

4. boh1 ee1 boh1 oah4 – no one to depend

5. it1 seng1 it1 ee3 - long-held desire

6. kooi1 tao2 kooi1 nao4 – crooked and cunning

7. tang1 ni2 tang jit1 – same day and year

8. oon3 oon3 soon3 soon2 – mild tempered

9. oo3 tao2 oo3 bin3 – high status in society

10. tuah3 tuah3 say4 say3 - big and small

Please follow this video lesson with the script above


Wayne Rogers USA said...

Great lesson!

Lucy Chang said...

Ka ki lang, li chiah khood lat.

Ian Tao Beng said...

Buey phai.

Boris said...

Keep it coming. Simple, great lessons.

Sanbei Japan said...

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Maria Lim said...

I am Hokkien. I speak Hokkien better now. Your lessons are very helpful.

Overseas Chinese said...

We should set up a Speak Hokkien club.

Eh Mng said...

Your Hokkien is my Bannam language in China. I should do something to promote it also.

Nathanael Lee said...

Australia Hokkiens thirst to hear Hokkien being used and spoken. Thank you.

Swee Cheng said...

I am a Hokkien in the Middle East. If not for you, my Hokkien would have been long forgotten.

Minnan academic said...

I am getting jealous of you. Wa kiasu.

Love For Hokkien said...

Yes, we always thought we know better until we come out of our coconut shell. Support our Hokkien forums.