Hokkien - 10 Difficulties In Life

Life have many challenges and difficulties. The following are some expressions we can use in expressing those difficulties.in Hokkien. May this lesson, again, serve to activate your mother tongue. Also, welcome those who are learning this as an additional language.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1037

1. siong3 nao1 kin1 – difficult to decide

2. bay3 siu3 suah3 – cannot be settled

3. chiak1 khooi1– at a disadvantage

4. chiong1 moa4 oan4 hoon3 – full of resentment

5. ki1 gi2 sim1 – starting to be suspicious

6. chin1 chiah4 goh3 huey3 – real misunderstanding

7. boh2 tao3 sin2 – forgetful

8. mm3 si3 phan3 huat3 – not the solution

9. sit1 ki4 chu3 keh3 – disqualify

10. jin1 hai4 bong3 bong2 – hard to trace

Please follow this video lesson with the script above:


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