Hokkien - 8 Sensational Expressions!

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Speak Hokkien Series 1036

1. chap3 hun1 eh3 kam1 tong3 - fully moved

2. choh3 seng2 hong3 tong3 - create sensation

3. boh2 ee1 boh2 oah1- no dependants

4. boh2 sah1 khak1 teng3 - not very sure

5. chu3 ngoh4 kai4 siow3 - introduce self

6. boh2 tao3 boh2 sin2 - forgetful

7. siah3 huey3 tai3 chiong3 - the public

8. boh2 khong4 boh2 tah3 - without informing

Please follow the video lesson here:


Boon Seng said...

Sooi ah

Lee Ean said...

Good expressions i can use.

Tiong Eng said...

Chiah hoh!

Pascal Lee said...

You deserve a pat.

sally said...

Nice to read your blog. I wanted to learn hokkien. Looking for sources I can learn from. I have a request, would you do some hokkien in medical term, such like diabetic, high blood pressure,diuretic, cholesterol etc
If you don't mind, do hope you can help me with this. Thank you very much.