Hokkien - 10 Great Hokkien Expressions You Need To Use

The more we use our mother tongue, the more we build and enrich it - keep it alive. We should NEVER be contented with just getting by with the bare minimum. If you add to your Hokkien words, you will discover it has a very rich and extensive vocabulary. You will be surprised to know that a single English word can for instance have more than 20 Hokkien equivalents.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1035

1. hoh1 khah1 hoh1 chiu4 - good physical condition

2. boh3 siao3 boh3 sit3 - no news as yet

3. boh3 tien3 boh3 tor3 - not realise limit

4. bay3 chiah1 bay3 khoon3 - cannot eat nor sleep

5. tai3 oon1 tai3 teik3 - indebted to great deed

6. kooi1 kin1 kooi1 niu4 tang3 - realisedifference between trivial and important matters

7. kuai4 kuai4 lok3 lok4 - happy and satisfied.

8. thi3 thi3 khao4 khao3 - cry profusely

9. siah3 si4 siah3 cheng3 - how shameful

10. soon3 soon2 li3 li3 - smooth-going

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Ramos Lim said...

My Hokkien is improving. Thanks

Susan Chua said...

My grandparents are no more. They spoke Hokkien. Your blog is very valuable.

Lily Suarez said...

I getting my Hokkien back. Thanks

Cheng Kang said...

Hokkien has a long history. So, it's vocabulary is very wide.