Hokkien - 10 Great Hokkien Expressions You Need To Use

The more we use our mother tongue, the more we build and enrich it - keep it alive. We should NEVER be contented with just getting by with the bare minimum. If you add to your Hokkien words, you will discover it has a very rich and extensive vocabulary. You will be surprised to know that a single English word can for instance have more than 20 Hokkien equivalents.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1035

1. hoh1 khah1 hoh1 chiu4 - good physical condition

2. boh3 siao3 boh3 sit3 - no news as yet

3. boh3 tien3 boh3 tor3 - not realise limit

4. bay3 chiah1 bay3 khoon3 - cannot eat nor sleep

5. tai3 oon1 tai3 teik3 - indebted to great deed

6. kooi1 kin1 kooi1 niu4 tang3 - realisedifference between trivial and important matters

7. kuai4 kuai4 lok3 lok4 - happy and satisfied.

8. thi3 thi3 khao4 khao3 - cry profusely

9. siah3 si4 siah3 cheng3 - how shameful

10. soon3 soon2 li3 li3 - smooth-going

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Hokkien lang, please invite more Hokkien friends to check on Hokkien materials on my website and Youtube. Mother tongue is so meaningful. Cantonese people in Kwangtung, China, recently protested against the attempt to do away with their mother tongue and replace with Mandarin. Will Hokkien people have the same sentiments? No, no, we are not against Mandarin but our mother tongue should be preserved and pass down to the next generation. It should not be phased out. That's the point. I am back posting new materials. I had an operation and was hospitalized for couple of weeks. Hence, the inactivity. Tui4 put1 chu3

I wanted to continue with part 3 of addressing relatives but then decided against it. To give a fresh focus, I change topic. Hope you enjoy.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1034

1. Kong1 khah1 oo3 chui3 boh3 nuah3 - fail to persuade or convince.

2. Boh3 huat1 tor3 siu3 suah3 - cannot reach a settlement.

3. Ki3 tiong1 oo3 goh3 huey3 - there is a misunderstanding.

4. Chit1 chiah3 hor3 sin2 bang1 gah1 iah3 boh2 - nothing productive.

5. Kar3 por4 tay3 eh3 niao1 chi1 iah4 - a liability.

6. Boh3 song1 khuai3 eh3 tai3 chi3, mai4 koh1 kong4 - don't mention unhappy matters

7. Lu1 lai2 lu1 mm3 si3 khuan4 - worsening behaviour or treatment.

8. Chah4 chai1, hoh3 phit1 tong3 chor1 - should not do it in the first place.

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