Hokkien - Do You Know How To Address Your Relatives? ( Part One )

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How to address relatives in Hokkien can be rather complicated to some. It is embarrassing not to be able to address them. Sometimes, we may be viewed as rude. It is my pleasure to assist some of you to give your relatives a pleasant surprise. Let's get started.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1032

1. father-in-law (husband's side) - tah3 khuah1

2. mother-in-law (husband's side) -tah3 khay1

3. father-in-law (wife's side) -  tiu3 lang2

4. mother-in-law (wife's side) - tiu3 mm4

5. uncle (father's younger brother and his wife) - chiek1 kah1 chim4

6. uncle (father's older brother and his wife) - phek1 kah1 mm4

7. aunt and uncle  ( father's younger sister and her husband ) - say4 kor1 kah1 say4 kor1 tiu3

8. aunt and uncle ( father's elder's sister and her husband ) - tua3 kor1 kah1 tua3 kor1 tiu3

9. uncle and aunt (mother's younger brother and his wife) - koo3 kah1 kim3

10. uncle and aunt (mother's eldest brother) - tua3 koo3 kah1 tua3 kim3

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Ah Bee said...

Thank you so much.

Josiah Eng said...

Great. Good lesson.

Jaafar Mohamed said...

What about elder mother sister elder son? My mother elder sister elder son? Tq

JJ James said...

piao1 koh1(older to you) or piao1 tay3(younger to you)

JJ James