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by aokh1979 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:52 am

To me, Taiwanese are more easily understood than Xiamenese. I live in Xiamen for 7 years now, I visit Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, too. Sad to say, Xiamenese may be the "standard" for Minnan in China, but Xiamenese may also be the 1st Minnan variant to extinct if younger parents give up Xiamenese and speak to their children in Mandarin. I have seen so many of these people. Both husband and wife are local Xiamense grew up in Old Town area (where Xiamenese was most widely spoken), but speak to their children completely in Mandarin without any single word in Minnan. I observe my colleagues everyday, none of them can hold a comversation entirely in Xiamenese, at least 30% will be spoken in Mandarin very naturally. People say Xiamenese may die away in 20 years. With the growing speed like this today, I foresee it's going to be 10 years.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1029

Please ponder over the following sayings:

1. Heavens know what we do - lang2 tay1 choh3 thi1 tay1 khuah3

2. The thief pretends to be good - Choh4 chat1 huah4 liah3 chat1

3. Know the face but not know the heart - Ti3 lang2 ti3 bin3 put1 ti3 sim

4. Fear the devil because of walking in darkness - Um4 lor3 nah3 kia1 chay3 eh3 too1 tioh3 kooi4

5. Beat the grass, scare the snake - phah4 chao4 kia3 chuah2

6. Say one thing, do one thing - kong4 chit1 thoh3, choh4 chit1 thoh3

7. Not do bad, not afraid of devil - seng1 tiong1 boh3 siah3, put1 phah4 kooi4

Please follow the video lesson here:


Beh Khoon said...

Your Hokkien lesson is interesting. Though a Hokkien, my Hokkien has improved as a result of your lessons. Your scripts and videos are perfect to us learners. Kam Siah!

Sue Lin said...

Cannot find another site like this. Your bolg is special.

Bay Kham said...

Gua bay kham khuah Hokkien oah siao sit. Look to u to preserve lan lang oay.

Willie Goh said...

Very good lesson.

From: Iran.

Billy Yeoh said...

Toh sia. Hookien warms my heart.

New Zealand.

Luong said...

Tears come out. hear mother tongue.