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RunLao378, on 24 January 2010 - 11:29 PM, said:
I am a Filipino-born Chinese. Both my parents are mixed; they are both Kapampangan Chinese. My last name is Chinese, and many of my ancestors' last names are Chinese. Though both my parents are mixed, they can fluently speak Hokkien, and so can many of my grandparents and other relatives. We are Catholics/Christians, though we still practise Buddhism and Daoism and frequently visit temples. Culturally, I believe that we are Chinese, for we still celebrate things such as the Lunar New Year and practise Chinese customs. We also practise Kapampangan customs and traditions, and can speak Kapampangan. I moved to the United States in 2000, and I am currently living in the Deep South. I have also resided in Los Angeles. I can speak three languages fluently: Kapampangan (which I would consider my first language, as I was born in Pampanga), English, and Spanish. I also know some Kreyol French. However, I am disappointed that my parents did not teach me Hokkien. Any tips so that I can learn it?

RunLao378, you can come here. Chinahistoryforum.com is unaware when they say there is no English website that teaches Hokkien. This website (Speak Hokkien Well) is about the first no-nonsense website to do so.

Hello, Welcome Here!

Speak Hokkien Series 1027

1. Scary, frightening (sight, appearance) - lang khuah, lang hoon toh;
                                                             kooi khuah kooi phuah toh.

2. There must be an underlying reason - ki3 tiong1 iu3 ian3 kor3

3. Suitable pairing, a match - mng3 tong1 hor3 tui3

4. A relationship that can never be cut off -
    khuan3 huey3 eng1 oan4 chiat1 bay3 tui3

5. Not possible to end this relationship -
    boh3 khoh1 lien2 ann1 neh1 tioh3 keat1 sok3

6. Understand a woman's limitation -
    chai3 iah4 cha1 bor1 lang2 eh3 khin1 tang3

7. Openly, officially - kong1 beng2 cheng4 tai3.

Follow this video lesson:


Seh Ong said...

Your open a new road for learning Hokkien. I am English Ed. Wtihout your blog, I cannot revive my Hokkien. Just make sure you don't stop your posts!

Ted Tan said...

Good work one!