Hokkien - 10 Rhymes That Enrich

What a rare use of Hokkien on billboard but a very good start!
It reads: " LAI CHIAK. Come and CHIAK as much as you can. MIEN PAI SAY.
Can anyone tell where this shot was taken?
When can we see another ad like this again...?

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Speak Hokkien Series 1030

1. movements - it1 kee3 it1 tong3

2. fly wildly - luan3 luan3 puey1

3. already grownups - tua3 lang1 tua3 cheng4

4. pretend - keh1 khang1 keh1 sng4

5. thank heavens - siah3 thi1 siah3 tay3

6. unknown - put1 beng2 put1 paik3

7. big and small - tua3 tua3 suey4 suey3

8. periodic - chit1 chun3 chit1 chun3

9. lukewarm - boh3 leng4 boh3 juah1 

10.Very clearly -beng1 beng2 paik1 paik2

Please follow the video lesson here:


Ah Kooi said...

Nice to see Hokkien in use.

Beng Khoon said...

Agree With Reservation.