Hokkien - 10 Problems You May Face

Hokkien is spoken by about 35 million people worldwide. However in many places, Hokkien is set to become extinct in the next generation. Even in China, young Hokkiens speak Mandarin rather than Hokkien. 

A recent TV reality cooking competition in South-East Asia, a group of young men in a predominantly Hokkien region spoke everything in Mandarin - not a single word in Hokkien.  However, Cantonese men use Cantonese to express themselves - comfortably and naturally. I admire the Cantonese. They value and are proud of  their mother tongue and so are their forebears. 

However, a number of Hokkiens look down,  ashamed to use their mother tongue - being unable to express themselves properly. That shows the extend of neglect or apathy by them and their forebears especially the immediate ones. 

Mandarin is the lingua franca for Chinese people when interdialectic communication becomes a problem. But we must use Hokkien our mother tongue with the 35 million and preserve it. If you don't value what you have, no one is going to respect and appreciate what you have. Can you do something and will you?

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Speak Hokkien Series 1031

1. face with trouble - tng3 tioh3 mah3 huan2

2. burdensome - thuah3 sai1 lien2

3. repent - huey3 tao2

4. denial - hor1 jin3

5. argue, debate - cheng3 lun3

6. very critical - hooi3 siong2 giam3 tiong3

7. disturbed conscience - liong3 sim1 put1 ann1

8. very critical - hooi3 siong2 giam3 tiong3

9. disturbed conscience - liong3 sim1 put1 ann1

10.  misunderstand - gor3 kai4

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Sai gu said...

Boh mah huan oh hokkien oay

Ee Leng said...

Proud to be hokkien