Hokkien - 8 Effective Expressions To Drive Home Your Message

The use of Mandarin has also replaced the use of other Chinese dialects, Hokkien in particular, for intra ethnic communication in some domains.  Hokkien is known and still used, but mostly by older Chinese and the less educated.  Mandarin is still by and large a High (H) language, while Hokkien remains dominant in hawker centers, on buses, etc. (Kuo & Jernudd, 2003). Language Policies Impact

Please remember that ‘Pupil Own Language’ (POL) in schools is always assumed to be the mother tongue of Chinese pupils - Mandarin. While learning Mandarin is important- no dispute about that-Chinese pupils do not learn their mother tongues formally. The fact for many is, Mandarin is NOT our mother tongue. Yet, this misunderstanding persists worldwide. People everywhere assume that Chinese(Mandarin) is the mother tongue of all Chinese people. Please do some research about Mandarin and its origin to understand this situation.
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Speak Hokkien Series 1025

1. Rather inconvenient - han1 ni1 iah1 mah3 huan2

2. Can I just ask you? - wa1 chioh4 mng3 li4 chit1 eh3

3. Develop naturally - chu3 lian2 huat1 tien4

4. Not serious and diligent attitude - boh3 teng1 chin1 eh3 tai4 tor3

5. Should it be like this? kam1 si3 it1 teng3 ann1 ni1?

6. Not take it seriously - mah1 ni1 tong3 hong1.

7. Relationship becomes stronger - kam1 cheng2 lu1 kien3 teng3

8. Don't be happy too early - mai4 hua3 hi4 kah1 siu3 char4

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Ah Beng said...

jin ho, jin ho.. wa bo thak tiong boon.. ai ork hokkien abc..

Ah Goo said...

Chin chiah ho. Teach me teochew also.