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Hokkien and Mandarin?
The answer: Hokkien should remain our mother tongue. We should never sacrifice our mother tongue for Mandarin. Yet, Mandarin is the language to identify all Chinese in general as Hokkien is the language to identify the Hokkiens. That we should appreciate. The mastering of Mandarin posed little problems as formal education is readily available for the next generation. However, the mastering of Hokkien is in peril. Out of 10 Hokkien parents, I can safely say only 1 or 2(rarely) really take the trouble to speak to their children in Hokkien. The rest use Mandarin, English, Thai, Khmer, Indonesian, Vietnam, Tagalog etc to talk with their young. The general apathy is getting stronger. The day will come when some people will claim to be Hokkiens but cannot speak a single word of it. This is happening in some countries and will spread to others. Mark my words.

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Speak Hokkien Series 1026

1. Not my wish - mm1 si3 wah4 eh3 pun1 ee3

2. Party's wishes may not represent people's wishes -
    tong4 ee3 boh3 tai4 piao4 beng3 ee3

3. No way out - chiu4 chun1 boh3 por3, khah1 kiah3 boh3 lor3
                          chin3 boh3 por3, thay3 boh3 lor3

4. Good and bad times follow each other -
    sar3 ni2 chit3 lun2,
    ho1 bai4 chiao4 lun2

5. Put great effort - yong3 chiah4 neh1 chuey3 khor1 sim1

6. Unreliable dependance - oah1 swah1 swah1 pang1,
                                            oah1 piah3 piah3 toh4

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