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Hello, Welcome Here!

I will now introduce some longer expressions for daily use. They are rather indispensible for communication.

Speak Hokkien Series 1020

1. long term - thng1 ki2

2. vacation - thor3 khah4

3. assume - liah3 chun1

4. dilemma -khor1 chiong1, khor1 tiong1

5. life has ups and downs - huey1 boh3 phah4 jit1 ang2, lang2 boh3 phah4 jit1 hoh4.

6. whereabouts unknown - hae1 loh1 put1 beng2

7. one step ahead - khah1 chah4 chit1 por3

8. not keep one's word - kong1 oay3 boh3 sng4 oay3


Robert said...

Love the pic and lesson. Great!

Elaine said...

Hokiien lang kong hokkien oay.