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Last speaker of language
Any language is determined to be an extinct language when the last native or fluent speaker of that language dies.
There are some 500 languages out of a total of 6000 being classified as nearly extinct because "only a few elderly speakers are still living".
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    Should Hokkien come to such a stage? One day, this will happen if nothing is done to arrest the decline in its use and if Hokkien parents do not pass the mother tongue down to their children.

    Speak Hokkien Series 1022

    1. phah4 chioh3 hor1 - greet somebody

    2. sioh3 chioh4 mng3 - ask each other's welfare

    3. tham1 hong4, phai4 hong4 - pay a visit

    4. sioh1 kuan3 sim1 - give a bit of attention and care

    5. sioh3 tin3,tao4 sar3 khang1, hiap1 chor3, phang3 chor3 - help, assist

    6. poh1 hor3 - protect, shield

    7. li1 oo3 siah1 mih1 soo3 iao3? - do you need anthing?(help)

    8. kor1 lui3 - encourage

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    Never stop making these videos! I love them and I'm learning this beautiful language! There aren't many sources on this language so don't let it die out. Make more videos, I'm listening!