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"Hokkien is a dying language, thanks to the new generation. It is one of the oldest chinese dialect but the new generation, especially the chinese themselves are not proud of using it. Today, they are slowly replaced by mandarin. For example in places like Penang, where Hokkien flourished, today sees the increase of mandarin speakers. Also when you speak Hokkien to them even in shops, chances that most times you will receive reply in mandarin. Unless something is done to promote the usage of Hokkien, it would bring the demise of the language. As China continue to regain its position in the world stage, I realise that Malaysian Chinese tends to worship mandarin more and neglect their own heritage. Someday, there might be nothing left to give to the next generation."

Here are 8 ways to preserve the Hokkien heritage:

1. We need to improve our Hokkien vocabulary and widen its use.

2. Teach and communicate in Hokkien with our children, relatives and friends.

3. Watch Hokkien puppet shows, stage shows and operas.

4. Watch Hokkien movies.

5. Follow Hokkien podcasts, radio broadcasts

6. Listen to Hokkien songs

7. Follow my "Speak Hokkien Well" lessons

8. Organise Hokkien elocution contests, story telling, debates in our local community for young and old..

Speak Hokkien Series 1023

1. Thank you - kam1 siah3, toh1 siah3

2. Grateful - kam1 kiek3, kam1 oon1

3. Appreciate from heart - sim1 niah4

4. Moved (feelings) - kam1 tong3

5. Accept with satisfaction - sim1 hok1 khao1 hok1

6. Make people admire - su4 lang2 khin3 puey3

7. Convinced someone - suey4 hok1

8. Very capable -chin1 oo3 sit1 liek1, chin1 oo3 chai3 tiow3, chin1 oo3 pun1 su3

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