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Speak Hokkien Series 1013

I once saw a poster of seagulls flying over a story sea with a caption: " They Can Because They Think They Can." The best way to learn Hokkien is to keep an open mind, do away with prejudice and be passionate about learning the language and culture.

Let us continue with another set of words:

1. establish justice - chu1 chi2 khong3 toh3

2. take full advantage - chiak1 kao4 kao3

3. find out - tham4 thiah1

4. feeling - kham4 siong4

5. emphasize relationships - sioh4 cheng2

6. sacrifice - hi3 seng1

7. face reality - bien3 tooi4 hian3 sit1

8. help out - tao4 khah1 chiu4

Khoh4 si2

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