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Pealing Our Emotions And Characteristics
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Pealing Our Emotions And Characteristics
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Since this website has set up from the middle of February, there have been many who have shown a keen interest in Hokkien. Thank you all visitors from the United States, Australia, Britain, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China, Russia and other places. You come from some 57 cities worldwide. My Hokkien lesson videos (though with a modest start) can now be found in dozens of websites including that of China, Taiwan, Singapore, United States and Japan. Appreciate your support. Thank you.

Speak Hokkien Series 1017

1. generous, forgiving - thai3 hong1

2. on good terms - hoh3 hoh4

3. speak truth - khong1 sit1 oay3

4. thankful - kam1 oon1

5. full of smiles - ban3 choon1 hong1

6. responsible in work - choh4 tai3 chi3 chin1 oo3 chiek4 lim3

7. search the truth behind matters - chao1 chuey3 su3 sit1 eh3 chin3 siong3

8. sincere - seng3 i3

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