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Speak Hokkien Series 1014

It has been more than 8 years since I first started my research into Hokkien - a lovely tongue; accumulating precious Hokkien words into an English-Hokkien dictionary. I have not commercialised this meaningful and beneficial project. A few people do and have put it into books and rewarded for their efforts but their Hokkien is more of a regional nature. I take a more global approach. I accumulate all Hokkien terms whether regional or prestige but I absolutely reject unnessary loan words from other languages. Those are not Hokkien words and there are Hokkien words for them in the first place.I must testify that Hokkien has a tremendously rich vocabulary. Some individual English words has more 20 Hokkien equivalents.

Let's continue today's segment.

1. banish (sickness) - siao3 tu2

2. boredom (dispel) - kai1 iu3 chiu2

3. bad point - khuat1 tiam4

4. baggage - heng3 li4

5. bankrupt - phoh4 san4

6. basis (on what) - pheng4 siah1 mih4

7. be careful - kah1 say4 ji3

8. bear responsibility - tham3 tng1

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