Hokkien - Life Has Its Ups and Downs

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Speak Hokkien Series 1019 

Life has its' ups and downs - success and failures. We reflect, make adjustments; have our joys and regrets. But we should never give up.

1. failure - sit4 phai3

2. success - seng3 khong1

3. worry - huan3 loh4, chao3 huan2

4. mistakes - choh4 gnoh3, chah3 choh3

5. turn back - huan3 tao2, huey3 tao2

6. happen - huat1 seng1

7. regret - huan4 huey4, hor3 huey4

8. see clearly - siu3 thong1


Dr Teoh said...

Useful terms

Wayne said...

Easy to leaarn.