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Speak Hokkien Series 1009

Li1 Kor4 Boh3 Wah1 Kor4, How pitiful! How ironical!

Scenario: A Hokkien man from outstation visits some Hokkien relatives who speak the mother tongue daily.

Relative 1: Always responds in Mandarin when spoken to because of slight variation in accent and vocabulary.Refuses to use Hokkien to communicate.

Relative 2: Always converse in Hokkien comfortably and ignore the minor differences.

Some Indian and Malay friends - are proud to use Hokkien to converse. There is even an Indian singer who sings in perfect Hokkien Taiwanese style.

Hokkien parents now speak to their children in Mandarin or English. Nothing wrong about this. What is wrong is that they fail to transmit their mother tongue. We just got to address this issue before it is too late. Two children recently claimed to be Hokkiens but they cannot speak Hokkien at all. Only Mandarin and Cantonese. Their reason for their claim - because their father is a Hokkien.

Back To Speak Hokkien. Today, we learn some words that rhyme with a disperse pattern. Here are some examples:

1. put1 ti1 put1 khak3 - unknowingly

2. tuah3 oon1 tuah3 teik3 - great deed

3. khuah4 tao2 khuah4 buey4 - assist in looking after

4. sim1 hok3 khao1 hok3 - fully convinced and accept

5. put1 sam1 put1 su1 - not up to standard

6. oo3 cheng2 oo3 gi3 - grateful

7. thang3 khah1 thang3 chiu4 - indecent

8. sng4 lai2 sng4 ki3 - calculate

That's all at the moment.


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