Speak Hokkien - What is needed?

Express Yourself In Hokkien With Proper Vocabulary
Hokkien - What Do These Idioms Mean?
Hokkien - Words That We Use Daily
Enrich Your Life Speaking Proper Hokkien
Are You Doubtful? Hokkien Words To Express Lack Of Confidence.

Speak Hokkien Series 1002

Welcome! Huan3 Yeng2!

To speak Hokkien properly, you need a proper vocabulary. It is my desire to hear Hokkien English-educated people speak Hokkien fluently. My vocabulary list will certainly help you. Forget about regional differences and sight variation of accent or terms used. All that is Hokkien is Hokkien - precious heritage.

I have simplified Hokkien to standardise it with the Mandarin 4 tones (ma1; ma2; ma3; ma4) and in romanised form.In reality, it is all that is needed. Beyond that, some others can specialise and propound.

If you are ready, please follow along my next post. Chai4 kien3! See you again.

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