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Hokkien is beautiful to the ears if you know how to appreciate it. One is the the combining of words that rhyme - doubling it to convey single meaning. Sample the following:

27. peaceful - peng3 peng3 ann1 ann1

28. happily - khuai4 khuai4 lok1 lok1

29. honestly - lao1 lao1 sit1 sit1

30. long term - ku1 ku1 tng3 tng3

31. noisy - chao1 chao1 nao3 nao3

32. simply - chin1 chin1 chai4 chai

33. smooth-going - soon3 soon3 li3 li3

34. lonely - kor3 kor3 tuah1 tuah1

Chiah3 hoh4. Good.

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