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Hokkien people are some of the most adventurous and diligent people. They traverse oceans and are found in all continents of the world. They are diligent,adaptable and flexible. Nothing wrong about that.

Still, two things deserve attention. One is the gradual erosion of a very rich culture. The other is -alas- many just are not keen to preserve their mother tongue. They have failed to transmit their language through apathy.

I admire the Cantonese people. They go to great lengths to use their mother tongue. The film industry is well developed. So are the advertising and music industry. Cantonese is well used and developed. Cantonese people take great pride in their language and transmit them to their children.

Hokkiens as a whole lack pride. The advertising, movie and film industry is almost nil with the exception of Taiwan and a little bit from Singapore. Every other country is pathetic including Fujian province China. The culture is dying off also.

The Hokkien that is spoken is either crude, vulgar or limited in its vocabulary. Hokkiens end up speaking Mandarin, English or other tongues with their children. By doing that, they neglect or look down upon their rich mother tongue and tradition. Give it another generation, Hokkiens are no longer Hokkiens because they no longer speak or use their mother tongue. A big proportion of the young are now either hardly able to speak or cannot speak Hokkien at all. Hokkien, the language, will be given a quick burial or cremation if we no longer take pride or have the will to use and preserve it.

It is my aim to promote Hokkien and I appeal to fellow Hokkiens to do your part.



Charlie Chan said...

Wow, continue this blog, and lesson, it's very nice to have found something like this to teach me more of the language we use before, but yes as what you have said is dying already.

I am a Lannang from Philippines, and to tell you honestly my Chinese speaking skills are fair only, luckily our Grand family Ass'n organized Mandarin lesson and also Cantonese I hope we can also establish Hokkien lessons here.

Jordan James Jesse said...

Will definitely continue. Glad you appreciate this. Continue to visit to site.

Daniel said...

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erin said...

Your site is very useful. And I agree with you, Hokkien will die a slow death if we don't teach it to the next generation. This is why even if I'm fluent in Mandarin, I speak Hokkien consciously to my toddler. Her chances of learning it outside the home is very slim. Thank you for making this site, I hope you can continue on.

haste said...

Wow! I wish I found this blog earlier. Now I've a lot to save (in order to learn offline). Do you by chance have a pdf or zipped file of your posts? :D Anyway, thanks for all the lessons. My hokkien speaking skills are not very good since it's limited to basic conversations with parents. Everywhere else (school, shops, anywhere outside), I speak English/Filipino with people and there aren't any schools that teach Hokkien (to my knowledge) in the country.