Another Fascinating Aspect of Hokkien - Single Word With Double Word Rhyme Combo..(1 Plus 2 Rhyme)

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It is fascinating! The Hokkien pattern of 1 plus 2 rhyme to form meaning.

Yes, a single word with double word rhyme combination to convey meaning.

Consider the following:

35. all smiles - chioh4 bi1 bi1

36. shiny - kim1 si1 si1

37. black - or3 lu3 lu3

38. hard(food) - teng3 khok1 khok1

39. torn in pieces - chui4 kor1 kor1

40. pretty-looking - sui1 thang1 thang1

41. dirty - or3 chiap1 chiap1

42. cold(food) - leng4 ki1 ki1

Chai4 huey3 - See you again.

Follow along with this video:

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